About Lucy Hutchings Hunt

Lucy is a Technology Evangelist and Founder of Systemyzed Ltd. She helps her clients embrace 'The Digital Revolution' by being dedicated to delivering beautiful, custom designed websites, APPS & Business Process Management solutions - as well as getting up early before her wee ones - to take Bundle the dog for his daily run.

SMEs: a systems strategy for exponential growth

Someone once said to me… “You don’t get in a car to set out on a journey without making a plan for that journey and knowing the destination of where you are ultimately headed. So why would you do that in the all-important journey of life?” Well it’s the same with the journey to sustainable [...]

SMEs: a systems strategy for exponential growth2019-10-01T11:17:41+01:00

The E Myth & digital business systems automation

So I recommend that ALL my clients read the E Myth by Michael Gerber. If you are a business owner and haven’t read it, for your own sake, please do. The basic synopsis is this: That there is a HUGE difference between being an individual who is suffering with ‘entrepreneurial fever’: One who has chosen to stop working [...]

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GDPR freak out…

OK. So by now you've probably heard about GDPR and if you're a business owner in the UK - are experiencing low level freak out anxiety. Seeing as I have one business that actively utilises consenting clients’ data as part of it’s content marketing driven business model (The Goddess Formula) and another business that advises [...]

GDPR freak out…2019-10-01T11:19:25+01:00

Futureproof your business from a dangerous web designer!

Don't Get Stuck with a Dangerous Web Designer! Some relationships last a lifetime. Others are fleeting. Some just run their natural course after a few years. When relationships do run their course for whatever reason it's usually because one party just isn't feeling it anymore or they want to go at different paces, go [...]

Futureproof your business from a dangerous web designer!2020-01-22T15:23:01+00:00
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